The Unconventional Housewife

living life simply and mindfully

enjoying everything life has to offer....

"Unconventional" ~ not conforming to what is generally done or believed


This word has summed up my personality in a nut shell. I do everything half ass backward and find contentment in it...I always have.

My husband and started our adult lives while we were still young, dumb kids. I had our daughter at 17 , married at 19 and with this "out of the box" way of life we have strived and continued growing. We had our son 3 years later and 14 enlightened years later I gave birth to our 3rd, another baby boy. Crazy, you say? Perhaps but isn't that what life really is? Unpredictable series of events. I love crazy, I love Unconventional 

Well, 2 decades and 3 career changes later I am here sharing my adventures as a housewife with you!


Enjoy reading my blog!

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